Our range is deliberately kept small, because the processing of the freshest possible goods of good quality is a particular concern of ours so that you can enjoy our flowers for a long time. We would like to point out that the selection of flowers in our bouquets may vary depending on the availability of goods, but while maintaining the appearance, the seasonal theme and the colors of the bouquets shown.


  • Our KIEZbouquets

    We have been at home in the Moabiter KIEZ for over 25 years. For us, KIEZ means home and is therefore the most important thing for us. Of course, our neighborhood bouquets are no less important to us.

    They are therefore tied fresh every day by our trained florists as required. All KIEZ bouquets are hand-tied unique items and may therefore differ slightly from the bouquet shown. The choice of flowers can vary depending on the availability of goods, but maintaining the appearance, the seasonal theme and the color!

  • plants

    If you are not into cut flowers and prefer to look for a little friend for the windowsill or the room, whom you can watch with a little love and affection as it grows, this is the place for you. Plants not only bring life to a "home" and create a decorative living environment, they are also often air fresheners and sometimes mute listeners.

  • cards

    Here you will find our range of greeting cards.

    You are welcome to enter and save an individual card text for the cards in the "Product customization" field. We will be happy to include these with your order.

  • Accessories

    Above all, cut flowers and plants are grateful and give pleasure for a long time if they are supplied and cared for with the right accessories. Suitable vessels should also ensure a safe stand. Therefore, of course, we also offer corresponding articles for this!

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