Potting soil "Wachsen und Blühen"
  • Potting soil "Wachsen und Blühen"

Potting soil "Wachsen und Blühen"


Ready-to-use growing medium for all indoor, patio, balcony and garden plants ...f

Size: 5 L


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... with the exception of orchids and Morrbeet plants. By using high-quality peat and renewable raw materials with an optimal structure, the earth guarantees very good water and nutrient storage. It remains spill-proof and breathable, receives fertilizer and all the nutrients necessary for plant growth. It is therefore only necessary to re-fertilize the plants after approx. 6 weeks.

Declaration of goods

Cultivation substrate made using organic soil material from raised bog peat, moderately and severely decomposed (H3-H8), plant substances from forestry (Wood fiber), plant substances from horticulture and landscaping (Compost).

Organic matter: 65 %
PH value 6,0 (CaCI2)
Salinity 2,5 g/l (KCI)

Minor ingredients:

Nitrogen (N) 300 mg / l (CaCI2)
Phosphate (P2O5) 300mg / (CAL)
Potassium Oxide (K2O)      600mg / (CAL)
Magnesium (Mg) 100 mg / l (CaCI2)
Sulfur (S) 130 mg / l (CaCI2)
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