5 tips for bouquet care:

  1. Cut the flowers: After you have unpacked the flowers, cut them as diagonally as possible with a sharp knife. You can use our FLUX flower cutter or a small kitchen knife with a smooth blade.

  2. Clean the vase: Fill a suitable, clean vase with water and make sure that all the leaves on the stem are far enough away so that no leaves are sticking out into the water. For roses, it is important that at least half of the stem (from the part of the stem in the vase) is in the water. For flowers such as tulips or lilies and mixed flowers, about one third of the stem should be in the water. When using freshening agents for cut flowers, it is essential to pay attention to the correct ratio between the amount of water and the freshening agent.

  3. Change the water: Every two to three days, the water should be changed and the vase cleaned. A new stem cut (optionally also fresh-keeping agent) additionally prolongs the shelf life of the flowers.

  4. Remove wilted flowers: If you have dried or wilted flowers in your bouquet, remove them. If a flower stem looks dried out, cut it again to see if it absorbs water again and recovers. If not, remove the stem. Removing dry or wilted flower parts will reduce germination.

  5. Avoid direct sunlight: Besides a clean vase, the location is the most important factor for the durability of the bouquet. Place the bouquet away from direct sunlight. Draughts and the proximity of ripening fruit, which can cause the bouquet to wilt more quickly, should also be avoided.